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Our Research

International Study

We are collaborating with International Universities and other institutions to conduct further research about the transition of women.

While women have a plethora of career opportunities, inequity remains. Professional women lag behind men throughout their careers, and if they take career breaks, the opportunities to reenter at the same level are sparse. Women in leadership roles face prejudices that their male counterparts do not, simply because they are women. As their careers progress, they typically lag further behind men, especially when they face family pulls and workplace pushes. When faced with the biology of reproduction, internal pressures within marriage, and aging parents, women often slow down their careers, while men’s careers accelerate. When the women are not challenged and are not receiving the same opportunities as their male counterparts, they can become frustrated, and those who can afford to often quit or opt-out. In fact, many high achieving professional women are not opting out of the workforce, instead they are being shutout. When they are ready to reenter their careers, they find opportunities for reentry few and far between. We are also exploring the change in identity that comes with transitions.

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