Retreat Reinvent Recharge

We support women creating new chapters
in their lives.

We are an international collaboration of practitioners and academics who specialise in transition. 

You may be standing at a crossroad questioning your current life. A crossroad that requires you to pause, ask questions and contemplate options.  By integrating the latest research on transition, behaviour change and neuroscience, we help you implement practical strategies to navigate change and transformation. Our global partnership allows us to bring a universal perspective to your very personal experience. 

Retreat, Reinvent and Recharge is specifically designed to give you tactical steps to navigate a successful transition.

Research confirms that life transitions, while triggered by a variety of causes, are both a common and critical part of adult life, and they often follow an expected pattern. Yet this process of transition isn’t always well understood; nor always accepted by others in your life. You may even feel guilty about taking time to learn about yourself and explore what might be calling you for your next chapter. On the other hand, you might have plenty of internal and external support. In either case, the important thing is to know that you are ready to do this for yourself. 

Our programs provide a simple retreat from the daily fray. They help you connect with your past successes, define your essential questions, and establish your identity for moving forward. And finally, they support you in managing your energy and connect you to a community of like-minded women.

Transition is a rich and important part of your life. 

What does it take to create a new reality?

·  imagination

·  courage

·  new beliefs

·  bold choices

·  team of titans

·  action

Join us to learn how to create this new reality by taking time to Retreat  Reinvent  Recharge. 

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