What you'll experience

How you navigate transition can make a profound difference in your experience, the beliefs you hold to be true, and the choices you ultimately make. Yet you might find yourself alone in this process without a structure or guidance to manage the changes you're experiencing both externally and internally.

This program is designed to help you move through this experience. Creating opportunities to explore who you want to be and how you want to express your authentic self, both professionally and personally, is at the heart of what we do.

Here are highlights from our curriculum:

  •  Deciding What You’ll Take Forward
  •  Identifying Your Guiding Questions
  •  Exploring Powerful Choices 
  •  Adopting Mindsets for Growth & Change
  •  Honing Your Vision
  •  Balancing Big Thinking with Actionable Ideas
  •  Integrating the Who, the What and the How Framework
  •  Managing Resistance
  •  Assessing Your Energy for Implementation and Sustainability
  •  Creating a System for Action and Accountability
  •  Identifying a Team of Titans for Support
  •  Charting Your Personal Transition Plan


Is it time to reinvent yourself? To jumpstart your career? To shift and step onto a new trajectory?  In a world of high demands and fast paced living, finding the time to consciously create your next chapter can be challenging. Regardless of what has brought you to this place of transition, taking this opportunity to retreat from daily activities and giving undivided attention to your goals and vision is necessary step for reinvention and rejuvenation. 

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The Programs

What others say about the programs

"I've told so many people about this wonderful course on transition.  I do hope that you teach it again.  The course has given me a solid framework of what I am to do next, and some very needed direction on how to pursue my goals. You have created a course that is a blessing.

Shelly Gerovac - Performing Artist - New York

"This course will seriously disrupt your former point of view and give a serious 'leg up' to any transition. Be prepared - the course is likely to open your mind to all possibilities. This is a fantastic opportunity for change." 

Linda Parkes - Business Owner - Australia

"I've done many other personal/professional development workshops that all fell short. Your approach was different - it was unique and enlightening. Thank you! There's an idea that I've had percolating for a while. Through this workshop, it became apparent and realistic!" 

Shannon Mott - Trainer/Consultant - Canada & USA

"The RRR course was amazing and so insightful, thank you for hosting such a wonderful program for women!" 

Vana Truax  - Arizona

"The Who, What and How framework is great for helping me cue up the questions I need to answer!" 

Laura Delion - Communications Specialist - Illinois

"Thank you - this helped me organize aspects of my future in new ways where I could see them differently." 

Julia Wilson - Engineer  - Colorado


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